…. and we’re off

OK then, I’m not going to tell you who I am or what drives me or why I am here, I think that all that information will have changed by the time I have finished this sentence. Besides, you’ve kinda made your mind up already, or you’re getting there. It only natural that you do, we make our minds up as we go based upon our experiences and influences.

I want to change mine, I’m trying hard to change mine all the time, subsequently, I will ‘love’ and ‘hate’ my work. Right now I’m scared, scared of what people will think, whilst at the same time completely rebelling against myself and saying “I don’t care!” … but I do, hopefully I’ll say that and mean it but in saying that I’m hopeful that I will deconstruct myself and when I start to put the bits back together again I’ll have some bits left over… I hope it’s the bad ‘bits’. What the hell are the bad bits? Will I know they are bad? Will I realise?


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