Barking Mad

Sentinel on the Clyde
Sentinel on the Clyde

People walk past this structure on the Clyde, they hardly glance at it. I found this fascinating, it’s huge!

So I looked at it and remembered back to college days and classes with Robert Tabor telling me about Architectural Photography… to me it was still life on location!

So I studied it… it was big and green, the paint was peeling someone tried to burn the sleeper style wood that holds it up, it looks derelict but it is solar powered and provides a light to shipping. Then I decided to, as a photographer, close my eyes and listen with another sense (we’re back to the 2 minute armchair Buddha, but we need to be consistent!)

Amazingly when you close your eyes and run your hand over the structure it becomes like bark on a tree, you certainly get the same looks off of people when your tracing edges of bark on a tree (I like doing this). However, I knew they’ll be thinking I’m an idiot but wondering what I was doing and at some point they touch an object … we all mimic!

OK, back to the point, after tracing the edges of the ‘bark’ of paints I didn’t see what I saw before, I saw more… it had changed suddenly it became far more interesting and organic… I accept I’m insane but not all insanity is bad!

The bark of a buoy!
The bark of a buoy!

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