Loch Serenity 2

Scottish Vision Loch 1
A Loch I visited by accident which gave me a serene feeling.

I was seeking out images that ticked by boxes so I could find out what inspires me, this is one such image.

A Loch just outside of Perth in Scotland. I edited the tones and adjusted the levels of the image to reflect  the emotion I felt rather than the true representation. One of my favourite images.

PS In Scotland we call our lakes Lochs… that’s how we role in Scotland 🙂


2 thoughts on “Loch Serenity 2

    1. MOF, Thanks for your comment! I was trying to capture the emotions I felt in the edit and although I have different tones in different versions this is my favourite… the moment was very serene, no cars, no birds singing and, thankfully, no midgies. I got this printed and the other versions have proved successful if going by print sales… when the climate becomes more clement I will be spending a day around this Loch, maybe even try and fit in a model shoot too!

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