Glasgow New and Old

Rear view of the Tall Ship in Glasgow
Rear view of the Tall Ship in Glasgow

What is really fascinating about the Tall Ship is the juxtaposition of vistas offered in either direction. This is the rear view see the previous posting for the bow view!

Old Glasgow is on the left with cranes, that’s Govan, a place in a constant state of regeneration, and one day they may finish! On the other side is the expensive flats surrounded by waste land and derelict buildings, which is wonderful for a photographer. Off to the right of this building is a street where I will start my Glasgow Street Photography project in Dumbarton Road.

As is the truth where ever you go, the beat of the city isn’t in the the centre and night clubs, it’s in the real lives of the people who live and work in it.

More on the Glasgow Faces Project shortly. I’m hoping this offers me a rich vein of questions that will fuel my journey.

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  1. Ausaf Abidi says:

    And all I ask is a tall ship…… and a star to steer her by.
    What a lovely picture!

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