Some Fashion – Editorial Style

I’m reviewing older images to get an idea behind who I am… I’m about to embark on a somewhat important project in Street Photography. As a result I’m looking at the different genres that brought me to where I am just now.

Anyone who’s a photographer will know that there is never the perfect image, not in your own eyes, in others you maybe, but not in your own.

These are portrait sessions I did with various people… I dislike the term model, these were real people I was photographing… models are a rare breed, people that can get what the shoot is meant to do. I have found that photographers are really poor at communicating with people about what they want, sometimes because they don’t know what they want or because they find people difficult. Photography attracts people who are shy and introverted believing that you can hide behind the camera… you’ll all know that ain’t the case.

Adventurous Spirit… did I get it?

Adventurous Spirit
Adventurous Spirit

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