Zombie MacZombie

I’m sorting through 2008 shortlisted images for my portfolio and came across Zombie MacZombie. In October 2010 I spent some time in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow  being treated to a glorious spectacle, the Glasgow Zombie Walk… it wasn’t an organised affair, it was like minded people who thought it’d be fun to dress as Zombies and walk a mile in a park… the previous year there were a few hundred, this year over 2000 turned up… people from every profession including police, doctors and nurses and accountants… I have to admit that the accountants didn’t need the make up… no politicians though, so there was no violence, extortion or egos to get in the way. (you must note that there are few politicians I like!)

So meet, or is that meat, the portrait of the day… I have several hundred images from that day… I have to say I loved it!

Zombie MacZombie
Zombie MacZombie

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