It’s taken many years to understand what I am doing with my life and it’s a contribution by some amazing lecturers and students on the course I am on to make me realise this… creativity is less subjective than I first understood and is far more fragile than I could ever imagine but becomes less so with time.

I look at images and think samey samey samey, this, of course, is what plagues us as artists, we can become self indulgent or happily deluded in the hope of saving that fragility we initially face as artists.

Really, it’s a career or skills walk for anyone who is serious in art. For some people it’s a second nature, for others that nature needs learned, and both are valid. Studying others work gives you an insight, whilst working with other artists creates new dynamics. Don’t think qualifications, think output, some of the greatest photographers I have met have no qualifications, some don’t even identify themselves as photographers.

We are only competing with ourselves, the worst and most unforgiving of competition for an artist. In a moment of clarity today, over a plate of rice and something I hope had lamb in it, I made a brief note of a future project, I then made a brief storyboard and sat back and realised that this project both scared me and excited me. It’s scope was deeply personal.

I realised that I was either at the beginning of the journey or in a new place on the journey I started long ago. What made me smile was I realised I am on a journey and that is a huge for me.

I liked the article on Petapixel that made me think of my moment today… http://www.petapixel.com/2013/03/13/the-helsinki-bus-station-theory-finding-your-own-vision-in-photography

If none of this makes no sense to you, well, that’s OK!


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