My Iconic Hate Image

I hate long corridors, from a human point of view, I understand converging lines, repeating patterns and decor mesh to entice the photographer, but the human in me rebels.
This was also the scene of a betrayal of me as a photographer by people I trusted, it taught me that you, as a photographer, a human, can never rely on people until they are proven, obvious really. I’ve taken it as a life lesson. It did left scars and resentment, it changed me, it effected me! However, with some introspective philosophical mumbo jumbo, I guess it was better to happen there and then, than later, when far more would rest on the outcome.

I’m sure we have all been in this boat… so for me this is “the long walk goodbye” from the place and the people. I hate what this image represents.

The long walk goodbye
The long walk goodbye

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