Self indulging myself

It’s been a hard week for me personally, so I’ve been taking the camera a walk, I don’t have a dog and Karma tells me that it likes to get out from time to time.

I plug in the earphones and away I go. I disabled all the galleries in my Facebook Page, created a notice saying closed up for the foreseeable future, why? It’s a distraction, you forget, well I do, that photography is about you in the first instance, if others like it that’s great if they don’t well that’s great too!

I’m not my biggest fan at the moment, I don’t like who I am or how I approach things, I’m not mentally ready for this world, or this world is not mentally ready for me, either way we are not in harmony!

7 years ago I lost my wife to cancer, 11 months later I lost my 18 year old son. All very traumatic, but you’d never know that by the way I have ‘worked’ with the world. I always over think and this is a world record over think. Maybe I don’t want to know the result, but who cares really. I have two kids that depend on me and want to see me happy, good kids!

So where am I, where do I want to be and where should I be…. and again, who cares? If I’m not in the place I want to be in who knows that, who’s qualified to judge?

So my photography is taking a different direction, there are some personal projects I’m about to start which explore some of these topics and some that I just want to do, have done for many years. The thing about these projects is that they are for me, not you and not them (who ever them are). My intention is to put these in a book so I can reflect upon them depending upon the mood I have. I have no doubt I will share some of them but my feeling is that since you don’t know the context of the image your judgement will be purely be on the formative! They will be images where rules are bent to suit me, I know the rules and these are not about the rules, they’ll be about me and I should be the only one that can properly contextualise them, pretty sure others would see something.

Anyway enough meandering and self indulging. I’m going to get a really good coffee at the best Coffee Shop in Glasgow… Big Mouth Coffee Company in Dumbarton Road.

I wish who ever reads this good health, good mental health and, well, me too!

Sorry I needed to add this… it was playing on Spotify as I wrote this stuff:


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