Street Photographers Wanted/Needed

I’m currently writing a dissertation on Street Photography as part of my BA Hons Digital Art.

I’m showing the art of Street Photography as a more accurate reflection of societal changes through the last 100 years. It’s a comparative study taking in other strands of recording change but the pivotal underpinning is Street Photography.

What I need is to create a gallery of images from Street Photographers that reflect what YOU think represents today’s society.

Your name, location (generally) and a small description of the image would be great. These are being inserted into a Word doc so they need be no bigger than 500 pixels, at least that is what I am reducing them too. Please feel free to watermark if you wish, as long as the image is clear enough to the viewer so they know what it is.

You’ll be credited in the dissertation as a contributor.

I’m very grateful for your assistance… I have a personal reluctance to lift peoples images, even for academic review.

The other thing I want to reassure you is that this will not be published outwith the Uni without your permission, and I’ll contact you via here.

That’s it and thank you!



4 thoughts on “Street Photographers Wanted/Needed

  1. Thanks KVH… sweet images too! The size on WordPress is fine, they are getting inserted into a Word doc. If they (Uni) want something bigger, I’ll come back to you but thanks.
    This continues into my Honours (4th) year. Where it gets bigger and more involved (looking forward to this as the UK has a general mistrust of Street Photographers. I have a project which means I’ll be talking to a lot of them and taking their portrait (Glasgow Faces), That starts in May and runs for a year!

    Once again, thanks!

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