Car or Train?

If I compare petrol costs to train ticket costs only, the car is £3 more.

There are 8 places I want to stop when the weather improves and the sun is setting on the car journey but if I go via the train I almost want to get off at all the stations in between and make notes of locations mid journey. All in all, either route I see a months worth of shooting… who knows what else you’ll find when you make your way to those locations.

Photography allows you to see everything, from the the obvious to the hidden!

This is some of the images on the journey from Bishopton to Ayr and back again…. just to give you an idea of the train journey.

Journey goes, Bishopton to Gilmour Street (just been refurbished), change at Gilmour Street for Ayr. On the return journey it’s the same…  Ayr to Gilmour Street and change at Gilmour Street for Bishopton.

Here’s the thing, every train but one stops at Bishopton… did I look, no, I even photographed the sign!!! So I ended up at Port Glasgow Station, which I have never been too, so all was good (except a cold dinner!)


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