Sometime insanity can give you peace of mind!

Dear Stuart

“Life has no answers just choices”… it’s an interesting concept, especially when we are “seeking answers”. Well for answers to be answered we need to phrase the question correctly and then, importantly, answer it.

God is an existential extension to the human pysche, it doesn’t matter if it exists or not, if you think you need faith then it exists. So ask the question, “do you have faith?” It doesn’t matter if others think a god exists or not.

Humanity is a similiar existential extension, it doesn’t just exist, it is created to fulfill a need, we create it when we need to belong or, if you are deeply troubled, when we need to balance our life.

Too much is made of the labels we attach to things, or not everything requires a label. Can you believe in two things that contradict each other, of course you can, your life, or some of it, is spent trying to reconcile things. All of this is OK too.

I don’t believe in a God but I subscribe to the idea of Karma and, like everyone, I don’t always follow that ideal… just ask my daughter when someone in the car stops in front of me at a round a bout when nothing is coming!

So we are all not perfect, we are all seeking, I would proffer the suggestion that you have no idea what it is that you seek.

Why am I writing this, well, today I took the camera for a walk and sat down. I didn’t take any pictures, I deliberately didn’t use the word photos, I didn’t use the word because photos are pictures I see, things seen and recorded. Today I was totally selfish, today I just sat and watched.

What I missed was the coffee… I’m going to buy a new Flask… and some really good coffee.

So I leave you with this question, a question that I couldn’t answer, a question that just generated more questions… unless you are enlightened, in that case, you understand enough of life to sit, in peace, on a bench and watch it unfold in all it’s amazing complexity… just remember the flask of coffee.

“If a man has a flute and a woman has a marble, what colour is the air behind you?”


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