21 and breathing

I took the portable studio and left it in the car

As you do, I got asked to photograph a friends birthday party, so I thought, take along the studio and set it up because clubs and pubs are bloody awful to shoot in!

I arrived and thought, I can’t expect people to come to me I need to go to them! Studio left in the car and speedlight taken… now here’s the next thing, I have three speedlights in the bag and wireless controllers for them all, the stands are there so I could just set these up and do my thing, less difficult than the studio. Ah, people trip over stands all the time and there are kids… there is a small space, low ceiling (light colour… thank you anti smoking legislation) and a beige blind (I’m impressed I used beige instead of the West of Scotland Male description of brown).

What do you do in low light for focus, you struggle… should have switched the illuminating assist lamp on (mental note for next time). Anyway back to the story. grabbed people for a shoot… I hate the backgrounds in these places and pulled them along to place I liked… I knew I could drop an image into the background.

Photographers Fun
These are just the Beige Blind images… when people came up the stood together, well they would wouldn’t they, not the best fun a photographer can have… so I re posed them several times… up shot was people started to come up and ask to be shot! I love being a photographer!

About Louise
My friend Louise is months out of a double lung transplant (Cystic Fibrosis), she is also my fellow photographer, a natural too! Love shooting with her… so if you haven’t registered with the Organ Transplant Service in your country, Google it and register, please!
She was in an induced coma, hours from death when the lungs became available, so when the phone call came in on my mobile from her mum, I thought it was the inevitable ‘she’s passed away’ call, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back the tears (I’ve known her all my life… kinda surrogate daughter!)… but what I heard was “She’s in surgery, she’s getting the transplant!”
Miraculous events come along from time to time… she’s one!

Here are some of the images from the night, all but the last one is with the same background and a 5 minute edit to drop a new background in, what do you think?:


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