At the Mojo Lost & Found

Apart from recurring headaches that are beginning to annoy me, I have a feeling I’m getting my Mojo back. I’ve now disabled all my galleries in different sites and I’m only focusing on the ones I like, this is one I’ve shown before but this is how I saw it on the day… kind of… I sat for a long time trying to work out why I had such empathy with the leafless tree, alone surrounded by cold water… I realised I was being a drama queen but it’s how I was feeling, my mojo lost… Now it’s returning and I’m re visiting that work I didn’t love enough!

Loch Mojo
Loch Mojo

3 thoughts on “At the Mojo Lost & Found

    1. I love the Blues men of old, first heard Mannish Boy by Muddy and started following his music… though I have never listened to this one, so thank you!!!

      I didn’t even know I had a Mojo until recently lol

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