Depressive Iconology

Dear Stuart
We, photographers, seek that composition that will engage an audience and progress our skills, it maybe a conscious effort or wrapped up in an unconscious personal agenda. I take stock and understand what Bresson meant when he said

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”


However, his contemporary, Robert Doisneau, framed that better when he said

“If I knew how to take a good photograph, I’d do it every time.”


It would seem that humility and acceptance is as important in the kit bag as any gear we carry.

Depressive Iconology
Depressive Iconology

I was exploring a part of depression, I’ve had it and it left a scar, it’s part of a personal project aimed at using iconology in photographic terms to explore every segment of my psyche… a project that should never end… most of the images in this project are self portraits in places that hold meaning to me, I am however, careful in how I am portrayed in them. With depression I couldn’t place myself in the image. I know it’s there, I understand how it affects me but I want no part of it. Who would?

I came across this scene, it was winter and there was a mist. The houses stood out thanks to the snow and it was bitingly cold, What made this scene reflect what I see as depression was that the chimneys were quiet and dysfunctional… no smoke emanated from them, suggesting that the rooms they serve were as cold and grey as the scene above. As I alluded at the beginning and from the title, Iconography!

It’s rare to come across something so haunting that it helps define an inner turmoil but I put it to you that this is it.

Well done!



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