Slipping away

Slipping away

Hi Stu

Slipping away… kind of a metaphor in more sense than one.


I’ve reached a creative impasse, one I know I have to break, one I know I want to break… i’m eager to find out what I am as a photographer, I started this journey of exploration and I have several personal projects that will take time to complete, technically they should never end but I have a sign above the screen of this computer that says “one rung at a time” … actually I have two, but the second one would only make sense to the reader, who should take it any way their life offers, that sign is “What if!?” Exclamation and question marks are deliberate.


I was asked why I don’t describe myself as a photojournalist… I don’t, that is true, photojournalist is a focused use of image and words, an elevated position that requires the person to be open and questioning, then explore. I think Photojournalism, to me, is a step beyond Street Photography, it adds a new and holistic dimension to Street, and one I want to embrace. I enjoy research, writing, questioning and challenging, so why haven’t I embraced the Photojournalist… why not?




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