Between then and now

Hi Stu

Missing Eyes
parts of the body that means nothing without the eyes!

It’s been a trying few weeks, finished my 3rd year at Uni (I hope there are no re sits!) and I’ve been feeling dreadful! Ended up at the A&E of the local hospital with what we Scots refer to as a “sare baw”, that’s a painful left testicle to the rest of the world! I shouldn’t complain I snapped an image of the examination room where a man examined me … I feel empathy with women who go through a Gyno exam!

The week has been taking stock and getting things in perspective, so need to take a grip of something to focus on. I have a street photography dissertation to start so I will be in Glasgow starting a few projects at the end of next week.

This week is getting the website and marketing done. Every time I start this work comes in and it gets put back on the to do list… which is growing exponentially .. still enough of my griping… this is from a shoot where I have two models that will help me with “sex starts in the head” images. I couldn’t face putting it up individually so here’s a montage!



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