Accidents happen for a reason

I rigged the tripod up in the car… one leg on the floor, one on the ceiling and one pressed against the windscreen. I attached the camera then set up the radio trigger by taping it to the steering wheel… I wanted the journey to be part of the art, especially if you got stopped at lights the faces of people looking at you… the plan was to have a sign saying “look here” … devilish or what!

I hadn’t tightened the ball joint and at an inappropriate point the camera slipped over, this is the result. I thought of discarding it but the more I looked the more I loved the energy in the image. So I printed it!

The Slip Up
The Slip Up

Could I re create this? probably not!


2 thoughts on “Accidents happen for a reason

  1. Origionality is something so many people disregard in the hope for something generic, it’s a relief to see someone post a happy mistake, instead of mirror something from another photographer. Love the movement 🙂

    1. I took the unusual step of turning my albums in Facebook to private so i could get away from the “like” desire, I have one public album and that’s it, I post a small fraction of what I like here or on, though I will tidy up my portfolio… way overdue.

      We learn from mistakes, more so than successes and although these may cause pain, we can mutate pain to something.

      My gut instinct on this was delete but I couldn’t stop looking at it, I realised that this was a mistake without pain but it was something I could learn from!

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