Different Paths
Walking the red path

… this is my normal route to Uni, into a course that has opened my eyes and shifted the spectrum!

It’s amazing just how this path can change your mood as you walk the red path whilst listening to the blue path…

pop culture reference... I took the red path, stayed in Wonderland, and was shown how deep the rabbit hole goes!


2 thoughts on “DIFFERENT PATHS

    1. Thanks Jasmine, this was one of these shots that I had discarded but I reviewed the things that I was going to miss at Uni and this is one of them (well until 4th year).

      I have been setting aside an hour a day to research or re edit images that I couldn’t understand at the time but have I have learned to grown into (mumbo jumbo psycho crap but I know what I mean).

      Thanks and keep up the great work!

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