A life in the day of a street

Following upon my last post where I was lamenting that I was creatively blind… it would seem that I needed to open my eyes… OK, getting off of my ass, reading my ideas book and the 2 coffees & square sliced sausage in a roll helped! (Lorne Sausage; it’s Scottish and it’s feckin’ fantastic!)

I’m now off on this project, a project that will feed a few different on going projects.

“A Life in the Day of The Street!” Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
Talked to the police to introduce the ‘guy with the camera’ and chatted to some of the people who own the places that will be my “anchors” in the street. Over the next 2 months, I’m going to document the life in this street, the places, the people and the hidden curiosities! It is the most amazing street in Glasgow, with an ecliptic range of shops, coffee shops, eateries and characters.

So what came and parked right beside me as I was chatting to one of the people… if there was a vehicle I would buy without hesitating, it’s this one! If I could have this and find a woman that could put up with me, life would be so good!!!!

The VW Dream Machine
The VW Dream Machine

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