Adobe CC products? Any thoughts?

Doing a little future planning… I disagree with using this online at an ongoing price… my fear is that they will discontinue support to CS6 (PS6) and I will be forced to look at another product.

However, there are aspects I like in Photoshop and Bridge. I don’t use it to it’s full potential, few do, but my thoughts are turning to other file managers and editing software like ACDSee I used to use (and others). I dislike Lightroom for the way it forces you to work, even though I bought it!

Pricing in the UK
£50pm for the suite makes me think about other priorities …
£17 per month just for PS6…
£16pm if you are a student or teacher… (one more year as I go through my honours in Digital Art)

Anyone else thought about this? Can I ask what others use?


2 thoughts on “Adobe CC products? Any thoughts?

  1. I still use the first CS version on XP depending on task. These days I use a combo of products on Ubuntu for the basics. Raw Studio, GIMP, and Shotwell Photo Manager.

    You’re right to be concerned about forced product versions in the cloud service, that’s actually part of the appeal to moving away from boxed versions. Easier development, and easier support=bigger profits,

    1. Cheers Gregory … I use a range of programs myself depending upon the subject, it’s all down to what I’m comfortable with but the main work horse is Bridge/CS6.
      I remember having to move to CS5 from CS4 because CS4 wouldn’t handle the RAW file on the new camera. CS5 was very quickly superseded by CS6 and now we are moving to online. I just think once plugged in you find the prices go up or the “extras” are additional.

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