Busy and getting camera fever

I’ve been busy doing business portraits… it’s what we need to do to feed the kids, that means I haven’t been able to get into the streets or just play… arrgh!!! Camera Fever set in, so I have been taking images of household items for the insurance… and I’ve been playing! Incidentally, I realised that I have so many magazines and not enough books… debating the need for getting a folder and cutting out what I like then tossing the rest or scanning them in (I like the tactile approach!)

So I’m sharing these, they are in no way exciting but I champion the fact that there is no such thing as a bad photo just a missing context!

As I said Camera Fever is like Cabin Fever, yes it’s lamp shade… my mental capacity is directly linked to to my camera and I’m going insane!

Self portraits tomorrow… I’m going to cry!


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