19th century pump

The pain barrier

two loves in my photography life, capturing an image and editing it… pretty sure someone thinks this to be a sad life, but in reality, what we do and what we achieve, from all I see in my stream… we are a global movement, capturing everything from the wings of a flea to the grandest man made structures on the planet! My only fear is that we store this electronically, one day something will happen and “bang” our history vanishes. I have taken to getting my images printed, 6×4, 7×5, 10×8 or in photo books. (The gallery is at the end of the verbosity, in case you just want the images!)

It’s me, all these images, in one way or another, track my existence for the last 40 years, my adventures, my misadventures and everything inbetween.

Anyway, I have been MIA for well over two weeks! I’ve done the first bit of my love but lacked the second… another pain barrier or the same? Artistic block? No, just felt lonely, kinda thought this was all pointless… not the taking, I’ve been taking throughout but just didn’t get around to doing the editing, or even the converting from Raw to JPEG. Fucked up or what… I was brought back to sensibility by people… real people, who gave a fuck for the right reasons. So I sit here with Spotify playing all the tunes from my “Image Editing” selection and I am powering through the backlog.

Foot note before a couple of the images… when you hear about photographers dying and rolls of unprocessed images being found… did they go through the same thing? I’m on an awesome journey, one well trod by others, and although you can read what they did, you need to take the journey to feel what they did!

Right enough armchair philosophies, to the images


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