Yo, Petal, Leaf it out!

Flower Images in this entry, thought I’d just follow the pack! Uninspiring, somewhat common images of things you can see everywhere, but it sums up my feelings at the moment about my place in the world. Still struggling with it lol.

Hi Stu (me talking to me)

You’re making a habit of going AWOL… you shouldn’t, you need to track what you are up too? I have a physical journal, A3 in size where I post images, snippets and thoughts. Up until now I have favoured the tactile aspects of touching the pages. I’ve also been on paid assignments… note the lack of a yeah! there… it’s a necessary evil, however, why should it be an evil at all. This is what I have been pondering “the live to work, work to live” thingy. Here’s where I have got too!

Photographing things you don’t have a vested interest in is merely making a nice pic out of “the thing”, the thing being a subject. I suppose I can relate this better to the love of driving so you become a taxi driver, but you are no longer in control and it becomes monotonous!
So, I thought, lets get a job that helps keep your creative juices flowing and keep the love of photography to things you love… hobby Vs job argument rises, can you do this?

Photography can be such a lonely job, we don’t seem to … sorry, I don’t get buddy buddy with people, I used too but not now, and since my wife passed 6 years ago I have a desire for a relationship but no spark to let it happen. So future direction, finish degree (they gave me a degree – wtf!) so Honours year coming. Get a part time job to put food on the table and explore what you love in photography, developing a business model to support this.

I both love and loathe myself!



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