Abstract: Everyones understanding

Under the concrete express

(6 Images) Under the Erskine Bridge for 30 minutes… When I get disillusioned or find my internal focus hard to find, one way to bring balance to the force is to grab the camera and go where there are no people and “make” myself see the world in a different way. It’s hard to explain but the best way to put it is I have an internal dialogue where I try to explain to my 5 year old self what things are, my 5 year old keeps asking “why?” … I was annoying 5 year old!

I lost focus, it’s not that I’m not busy, it’s probably because I am/was busy. Being creative is natural but at my ripe age you suppress it because of fucking practicalities (sorry, I rarely use expletives). Here are some of the images that resulted from a heated argument with an intractable 5 year old inner psyche. At some point my age will slow me to the point where my 5 year old explains to me how the world works , at this point I will create the best abstract image of my career!

I’m a little insane, everyone should be, or maybe not, that’s the beauty of insanity!


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