Rachael on the Rocks

An hour at Loch Lomond

(6 images) Sunday, I was desperate to get out and get some Landscape Portraits in, it was cloudy, windy and it was raining, again! Why this surprises me I can’t tell, I’m Scottish and in in Scotland. However, the great thing is the rain never lasts and everything is vibrant and clean!

We had two locations that day but our volunteer models needed some re arrangements and we abandoned the first location to spend time in Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond in the sun shine is nothing short of stunning, it’s hard not to grab an image for publication, however, when the rain comes and it’s overcast it’s sublime… as I said, I’m Scottish… we love moody, ye ken! (really bad Scottish Humour… I should convert this text to Glaswegian!)

Anyway, I have completed all my research and we are ready to shoot some amazing shots… weather, model, equipment and political stupidity withstanding!


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