Glaswegian Golden Eye (8 Images)

Golden Eye
These guys freak me a little, He watched me for a while… but then I’m one ugly son of a with a camera stalking him, I suppose I freaked him out!

OK I stand around these guys because people stop and that gives me the chance to capture something great… I was after particular style of dress and behaviours. I would also love to grab an image of someone with a pipe… you don’t see that now and you used too!

While I’m creeping people out I’m also wanting to see what the in style of beard is, that seems to vary a lot 🙂

The Listener
His worst nightmare… a guy in a wheelchair with a story to tell!

“Statue” in a sitting position… he sat silent unfortunately for him the lad in the wheelchair was keen to talk and the “Statue” was in the right position… The Statue wanted money the Wheelchair wanted to talk… it was a match made in heaven. The Statue’s expression says it all, not allowed to speak he had to suffer this chatty lad for quite some time. Maybe he’ll consider standing next time lol!

Anyway here are others from the day…


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