Oh, Death!

Through deaths eyes
Through deaths eyes

Today we were asked to embrace death in the same way we embrace birth and any other of life’s events. People shy away from the subject, but “Everything that has a beginning has an end” (the Oracle in the Matrix). It was cathartic to know that everything is arranged, I have my music planned, my message to the people I love and private messages for everyone, for everyone else, well they can fuck off but they know who they are 🙂

Death isn’t a stranger to my life and I have prepared for the my demise, video’s to my kids, my last wishes and a couple of jokes for the wake etc etc etc

So I’m going to explore this from various directions. I have a graveyard shoot later this month but I have to look at death and what it means to me. After walking around a graveyard I realised that nothing is forever and a missed day is a lost day. DEATH isn’t taboo, and I agree that we should talk more about it, or in my case through images too!


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