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I’m in to my Honours year and I sat with a close friend and chatted about the creative me… after some soul searching we came to the conclusion that I’ve gone to the “please others” side of the great fuzzy line when I should be walking the other side of the “do what you love”  line.

I suffer from a sort of disassociation with people… that means that I am likeable, chatty but inevitably I do not make friends, I just move on… no one is perfect, what a utopian nightmare that would be, but that means that I will occasionally drift off to do things that others like me to do as a way of compensating for this ‘affliction/asset’. This has come on in the last 10 years, but then the last 10 years has literally kick me in the groin.  I’m still standing but there should be some fallout (death of wife and my eldest son within a year, so you can put that in context).

As a result I’m going to be doing more of what I enjoy and exploring the topic of Abstract. A little street photography, more anarchy (by which I mean less sets). I have two models on Tuesday where I will change the tactic on the “set up”.

What consoles me, invigorates me and frustrates me is you guys, the work you guys put out is amazing. I often think, damned good idea or love the perspective on the image.

One thing is sure, this journey is brutal and I never arrive at a destination.

The thing is, no one I know knows of this blog. I don’t hide it, I just don’t tell them. This is a smaller version of what I write in this A3 journal.

So thank you for shaking me up! – Tempted to put an image in but can’t think of the right one 🙂 besides I bank on no one reading this, from what I have seen people scroll through the images… life without context is a sort of death!



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