Nae a dreich day in the glen (3 non nude images … but the caterpillar isn’t wearing underwear)

This is the last of me playing in the glen… I’ll be moving up the glen for the next shoot!


It’s called empathy because, it struggles to grow in a hostile environment and it eventually stands out… good definition of us artists? Yeah, it is! So this is has been added to my project on Emotional Iconography! You’ve seen one so far (maybe two)!

I’ve gone from going out to create icons of my emotional psyche, to just recognising them when I see them and trying to capture them. The colours and the individuality of this toadstool just represents me as an artistic! It’s fought hard, looks strong and stands out… and when it gets eaten/trampled/weakens and falls, it’ll start again… rather than taking this as sad, I find this heartening!


This is Cat MacPillar
This is Cat MacPillar

I didn’t expect to meet a caterpillar but it made it more like a summers day!


Wrap yourself in the wild
Wrap yourself in the wild


It was quiet, the odd call of geese overhead, the stillness of the day punctuated by the occasional breeze. I’d so want to be putting the camera down and sitting reading a book under that distant tree… it’s on my list of things to do!


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