Nae a Dreich Day with nudity – 3 images

Jenny is gorgeous!
Jenny is gorgeous!


Honestly, if you were coming to Scotland then the best time to come is Autumn, same amount of “weather” as summer but less tourists!

Following on from my last post, these are some of the sensual shots (as differentiated from sexual) from the shoot. I kinda liked these. The others are for the printed portfolio so you’d need to buy the book 🙂

It was a gorgeous day… but this is less about the scenery and more about working with the scene and the model.

Jenny's back
Jenny’s back

I muted the colours to give it that Kodachrome 60’s feel, I didn’t want to make it black and white but I also didn’t want the colours being a distraction.

Jenny's last post
Jenny’s last post

This is what sensuousness should be like, we know she’s topless but the eyes are telling the story… thanks Jenny!


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