Lemme see!

After the cemetery we have BENCH LIFE!!!

So to flip the coin in Glasgow, I went to the newly refurbished George Square… to be honest the cleaned the stone work and laid new grass, and if they had done anything else Glasgow Council would have had to have it’s balls sown on. They has some “great” plans for this square, spend millions and make it a tourist attraction… there was a revolt in Glasgow and beyond… this square is the people’s square! I love this square, everything you want to know about Glasgow can be learned sitting in this square.

You’ll notice bins in the background, these aren’t normally there… there was a Half Marathon starting there the next day and the square was where they were setting off from BUT this made everyone use the benches… BENCH LIFE, it awesome no one just sits on the bench, they make a statement about themselves BENCHES ARE COOL!!!


2 thoughts on “After the cemetery we have BENCH LIFE!!!

  1. I feel I cheat a little here… in George Square I can sit and let the people come to me, but I have been at various places and photographed a day in the life of a bench… surprisingly few people just sit on them… people are great for not conforming to the norm!

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