Only a name

It’s not morbid, it’s reflective!

I might give you morbidly reflective, then again, I walk in, fuck things up and leave!  Honours year and I need to come up with a concept… oh, sure I can just create one and do it, but me being me means I need to buy into it, in short it needs to mean something to me!

So two completely different scenes… this one is the Cemetery, the “Taboo Subject”, ‘Don’t for the life of me mention Death!’ (wee parody in there!). DEATH DEATH DEATH… the only thing is that it’s not about death, it’s about life, so the subject isn’t morbid it’s reflective.  I do not believe in God or the Devil, I don’t believe in ghosts… blah blah blah … I don’t believe in anything that requires a leap of faith… I’m faithless lol!

Anyway, here we see an old Glasgow cemetery people have been buried here since the place was a town. No one knows them, few care and even fewer understand. When I go here it helps quell that “I want to live for ever” feeling that creeps up on you… the one that tells you you are the centre of the universe, exactly as the remains of people under this ground thought… I’m sure some of my images will live on, I create a book every two months (or sooner if a deal comes along) it’s important to print because NO ONE will ever see the enormous load of shite that I can’t delete!

Anyway, who want’s to hear the shite in my head… I do, I’m talking to myself here and I’m saying, “if no one remembers you, it means you should do whatever you want, because the only person in your life that is giving you a hard time is you, and you’re easy on yourself!” More at the foot of the page

Anyway, I wandered around this Graveyard searching for some resolution, these places are amazing for focusing your thoughts… no bird song, not a chirp, no sirens and no people. Leaves rustled even though there was no wind… Ghosties? Na, that would be fantastic, offering meaning… life is never that straight forward!


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