Glasgow Street Stuff… at Night (9 images)

The Central Hotel
The Central Hotel at Central Station in the centre of Glasgow Centre

I’m in waist deep on projects for my Honours year at Uni… and this WordPress Blog is a resource for me, I haven’t told anyone about it and the reason is that it is designed, selfishly, just for me!

Occasionally I write to myself and sometimes ramble on… it’s different ways of getting to me… we all need to talk to ourselves, maybe not in public, but that too happens… anyway, I promised myself to shoot whenever I have the chance, I did say every day but every day would need more planning than I have the capacity for! Shooting everyday can get dull, especially if you just go out to shoot!

I promised myself for some time that I wanted to get out shooting in Glasgow at night, and it so happened that my wonderful daughter was doing her Red Cross First Aider at a venue in Glasgow last night, so I went in early and roamed. This was the first time I felt uncomfortable wandering on a Friday night around Glasgow, so, after a few shots I bagged the tripod and ramped up the ISO.

I hope you enjoy … talking to myself here, sorry! however, hope you enjoy them too, I recommended them to me too!


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