I’m truly sorry – ‘Dissertation Blues’ posting – 12 images

I’m trying to write my dissertation… it is in my planner… “Dissertation – all day Sunday”

This is my Facebook entry:

My brain is metaphorically dying… I have written 2000+ words of total shite, AGAIN!
I have submitted my First Day at Uni – 400 word competition in the Guardian.
I have written two sets of plans.
I cannot write my dissertation, I cannot write it Sam I Am, I cannot write it in the house, I cannot write it like a mouse, I do not like me Sam I am!
Could I write it like a fox? I could not could not write it like a fox!
Could I write it up a tree? Not up a tree, not anywhere, I cannot write this fucking shite!
Blah de blah de fucking blah!

Sorry, if I scream people get nervous! If I punch a wall it hurts and if I stop typing I go insane! So I played around with old images, the stuff i took year and years ago and didn’t post process like I would now… I need drugs, or sex, or something… yeah that’s the thing, I need a something! However, feel free to supply drugs and sex…. na sex is distracting and drugs are, well, cliche… people take drugs to feel how I feel all the time. If it’s the other drugs that dumb you down, well screw that, I’d rather be introspective and insane!


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