When a camera comes up to my eye it lets my soul see out…

  I was asked for a colour version of the previous image. In this image I selectively adjusted the temperature of her face to bring it closer to the brick work, without making it too unrealistic… which meant I needed to enhance the natural eye colour  so they didn’t get lost.

Brushing up on Landscapes

Landscapes require a different mindset and skillset in the photographer, I’ve let mine go a little, so this is me getting back on the horse. It’s rusty but has merits 🙂 It is a beginning of a journey with no end… best journey there is!

Working with Amanda (2)

Continuing my need for a camera fix, I took two models into the deepest darkest wood and shot them!  

Working with Pauline

I will be honest, if I don’t use the camera at least every few days I get depressed, so I organised a few days of shoots to keep my fix up to date. I wanted to edit for effect, so rather than the “catalogue” image I played! Still did the catalogue image but that was…

Introducing Victoria (8 Images)

I’ve shot with Victoria before… last image on the gallery is from the first shoot, after that there is the super bike shoot. Fantastic model to shoot with! Most are from the recent “studio day”, which was enjoyed that much we are going to do it again!      

Sheet day in the studio

I usually take a studio every month, I like to play and I enjoy a challenge… so I shouted on all our models and MUA’s and photographers and we got busy. 6 Wedding Dresses (you’ll see them later), some weapons (you’ll see these later too) and a whole lot of fun. I took a couple…