Mental State

Step 4a
Step 4a The Mental affirmation of the the Snake I’m sliding down…

Every now and again, like every creative, I hit that point where you review your work and it’s shit. I accept that it isn’t in parts but as a whole it’s shit. I’m not looking for or wanting anyone to say “don’t be hard on yourself” it isn’t that sort of post (I’ll let you know when it is lol).

I know I have something special but getting it from here to there is proving a little problematic at the moment. So this is me thinking out loud.

How vulnerable is a creative when they are being creative? Shouldn’t the whole act of opening up and delivering on a project or idea be enriching and affirming… it should, I know the stages;

  1. Great idea
  2. Concept works on paper
  3. Will people like it
  4. What do people know
  5. I’m the client
  6. I hate the client
  7. This is awesome
  8. Awe fuck
  9. Fuck it
  10. Oh yes

I’m looping between 4 and 1 like a cosmic game of Snakes and Ladders, or should that be Mother Fucking Snakes on those Mother Fucking Ladders.

I’m at an impasse, I walked the road and I’ve come across a void … no where to step … can’t go back … now what

4a. impasse void

Self doubt leads to self loathing and self loathing is pants.

LOL, I’m assuming no one read this far, but if you did and you overcame this tell me how and how much it hurt?



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