Threats to photography

I’m one of the photographers that thinks the use of photography to highlight everyday life is to the benefit of everyone. My dissertation was on the use of Street Photography as a tool for future historians to contextualise life in days gone by.

In this case Street Photography is one of the best outlets for serious photographers. Capturing a moment that shows humans interacting with their immediate environment makes everyone see our fast paced life in ways that are lost ether of time, sometimes that ether is just a few short months. Trends and life move at a pace these days!

As a street photographer, I don’t go out to make a fool of anyone, I certainly don’t intend to make fun of anyone, but that isn’t true of everyone who photographs… those people I condemn wholeheartedly!

I came across this article, it’s been a steady profile I have noticed of late, that the “dark side” of  social media is allowing to flourish:–im-never-going-to-strangershame-again-9249512.html

These people degrade not just the people they capture but all serious photographers (and by serious, I mean who don’t grab shots for the purposes of injury)

How best to deal with them? Group together to have them exposed publicly and shut down! It is good to have a code of conduct but that means nothing unless you draw the line in the sand and champion the people injured.


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