The future starts in the past

It’s obvious, when you look to the future you start with the past. It is true in any area but I find it resonates with my role as an artist.

I have to admit to being in danger, I get lost in the past, you review past mistakes and past successes, usually in equal measures. I don’t keep a scorecard on what is winning but before you look at where you want to be in the future, you need to see what you have done in the past.

Now I am impossibly old, really, really old, so I can draw on more memories/events than than most. Lets take images that I like from the past:

wp - 4

The photo was part of a shoot for a makeup artist. It came at short notice so I couldn’t set up a studio, in fact I didn’t have a flash unit either, so this is taken with the pop up flash with the tip of a white sock over it to diffuse the light.

I sought to highlight the eyes, because this was the main aspect of the makeup tutorial, so I used the feathers to mask the face enough to draw the focus to the eyes.

One of my favourites and it didn’t need the plethora of equipment that I normally carry to shoots… Note to self: sometimes you overthink things!


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