Symbolism: Depression


I accepted an invitation to get involved in a project that tried to encapsulate an emotion within a single image. The project called for at least 6 images, 6 different emotions. They could be any emotion, they could be from the past or the present, however, they need to reflect you, so no smiling baby photos (I’ll let you wonder if that’s as a good and dark emotion). So like all creative artists I pondered what emotions define me and how I could present them.

The thought process

I’ll admit to exploring the creation of some abstract images, possibly created within Photoshop but my gut said no. There was no timescale given, which I found difficult, I think I work better under pressure, on the other hand it gave me an opportunity to have a considered result.

I set out to pick the 6 emotions that I would present. What was disturbing was that I seem to focus on the dark side. I’m not, or believe I’m not given to negative feelings. There is no doubt that I have had my share of negative experiences, the loss of a partner, the loss of a child to name the major ones but the flip side is I’ve found love, I’m a proud dad and I’m there when people need support, these are all events that generated emotions.

Anyway I offer my first one, ‘depression’, the cold rooftops, with various lifeless chimneys reflected the emptiness of my soul, whilst the houses, lifeless shells in a drab scene tell you of a world without hope. It lacks colour and definition, everything that depression imposes in people, imposed upon me.

Next up in this series is ‘Hope’.


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